It’s been HOW many weeks?!

Hey everyone! Procure’s blog/research/tech guy here! So, those last few weeks just flew by, right? And not a peep from us on the blog… or the history of the air conditioner (it was invented 115 years ago this July!). We committed to make content and then things got a little crazy here. We started looking into some new technology, Google changed their algorithm, and while the days grew longer, so did our work. Caught up in bringing you’re a better experience and better pricing, we forgot about our educational series.


Today though, our blog is not forgotten! We’ll be getting back to making content again! Any topics on your collective minds out there? We’re going to get into talking about cooling tech and cooling season. Let us know in the comments below, by email, or a messenger pidgeon if you’ve got em’!

Categories: Company News

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