Something Seems… Different.

Hello HVAC Readers, Customers, and Competitors!

We’re launching a new Chapter for Procure Inc. Over the past few months, we’ve worked to develop a new site from scratch. We wanted to deliver a better experience, better pricing, and streamline our internal operations. Unfortunately, we hit a roadblock. For years, we’ve devised workarounds and setup clever tricks to make our eCommerce platform work. We took a system designed for a few thousand products and made it work with hundreds of thousands of products. Last Spring, we came to the decision that this was no longer sustainable.

In order to move forward, we had to abandon pretty much everything. Our developers crafted a new site. Our sales and procurement teams re-processed all of our raw vendor pricing and data into a new format. We automated what we could and trained our team in the aspects of running a bigger, more complex site by hand.  We even broke the site a few times, just to confirm that we could recover from a catastrophic failure in minutes and hours, instead of days as it had in the past.

There are some caveats, for you, our dear customers. Your passwords are gone. When you make a secure system, it takes your passwords to its grave. We can happily say: We couldn’t pry, convert, or otherwise make your passwords work on our new system. Luckily, that is really the only big loss. Your correspondences with us, shipping addresses, and order history are intact. You can login to our new site with your old username after you reset your password. Our sales team has documented all your orders in our accounting system (but not the new site), shoot us an email and we can tell you anything you need to know.

All orders placed on the old site, and still being fulfilled, can be tracked at: Our old platform will live on for the next few months to finish processing existing orders before being shut down.

Going forward, we’re excited to work on providing you better pricing, better features on our site, and finally move on to an amazing, new platform.

If you have questions, problems, or concerns, email us at We’ll do all we can to make this new site better than ever and make this transition as smooth as possible.

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