Philadelphia is going wild this week. Our team is on to the Super Bowl! For those outside of Philly and the rest of the U.S., our little city goes a little wild when our teams win. Our city literally greases up the various lighting and traffic light poles because our wilder fanatics will actually climb the poles. Therefore, in support of our team, we’re going to derail from our usual talk of heating, plumbing, and AC to talk about our home team and our odds at the Super Bowl. Let’s start with the basics for the less-obsessed in our reading audience.


Football Basics

Basic premise of football is 2 teams on a 100 yard field, trying to score by getting the ball to either end of the field. Of course, that’s easier said than done. This is a contact sport in which very, very large, strong athletes will tackle each other, trying to defend or take down whoever happens to have the ball. A combination of running and passing is used to get through the opposing team and score.

From there, the rules get more complicated with things like Field Goals, where a team will kick the ball through the goal posts rather than running it to the goal line for a touch down; or a safety, triggered when there’s a tackle in the end zone. The rules pile on until football is a game of chess, executed by enormous players.


The Super Bowl

The big thing for a football team is the Super Bowl. The football season pits team against team until two stand on top. We put these two against each other in the super bowl in the biggest event of the football season. You can think of it being something like the Baseball World Series. This has been going on for just over 50  years, with the first Super Bowl held in 1967.

In these 50 years, the Eagles have only been to the super bowl Twice. The Eagles lost both times. The first loss was in Super Bowl XV against the Oakland Raiders. It would take 24 years to fight our way back to the Super Bowl, Eagles vs. the New England Patriots in 2004. The Patriots won 24-21.

It goes without saying, WE WANT TO WIN. We’ve had people climbing poles in the streets over a chance to finally get a win. We’re going to be even more rowdy this year. The Eagles will face the Patriots. We want our team to even the score.


The Numbers On Winning

We’re up against stiff odds, coming into the Super Bowl as underdogs. The Patriots are up for their 10th Super Bowl. They’ve made it eight times in the past decade with a 5-4 win/loss record. All hope is not lost.

The Eagles faced off against the Patriots in 2015 outside the Super Bowl, taking a historical win at 35-28. They’ve topped the season, taken down their opponents, and the last obstacle in their way is an old super bowl rival they’ve beaten before. Sports Commentators will call the Eagles underdogs, but to us in Philly, we predict our team will take the Patriots to the cleaners.


Is It THAT Entertaining?

If the game isn’t, the frenzy surrounding it is. News, work conversations, and even TV ads will all be orbiting the super bowl. There’s at least 110 million viewers expected to watch, equivalent to 1/3rd of the US Population or just shy of the entire population of Russia, twice the population of the United Kingdom. Football fever is here.


We’ll be back to regular HVAC News next week.

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