1 Year of Blogging!

How Does a Solenoid Work?Hey Everyone, we’ve been at this blog, focusing on regular content for about a year now! We just got our second bill for our blog’s hosting platform and it’s exciting! Let’s take a look back at some of our favorite posts!


  1. The Long and Storied History of Getting Cold
    There’s more to chilling than just the air conditioner. AC was an immense step forward in comfort technology, but it wasn’t the first way people cooled off.
  2. How Does a Solenoid Work?
    I grew up hearing about solenoids, but I never actually knew what they actually were. Turns out, they’re almost a motor, but instead of spinning, they push!
  3. The Origins of the HEPA Filter
    This is another high-ranking member of the “cool origin stories” file. We have memoryfoam because of the space program, air conditioning because of printing presses, and HEPA because of nuclear science.
  4. Why Do Transformers Hum?
    Everyone working in HVAC is going to see a massive transformer in a mechanical room or near a building at some point, we’re all gonna hear it hum, and now we know why something that doesn’t move, makes noise.
  5. Something seems… Different.
    About this time last year, we began the months-long endeavor to redesign our store. We fired up our first dev server for the new site nearly a year ago this month. It’s been a wild ride.


This is just a few of our favorites looking back at the past year. We really wanted to do a top 20, but that would’ve been a little ridiculous.

Stay tuned! We’ve got more to come!

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