Portable HVAC?

Finally, back to our regularly scheduled programming!

There are times when your building has neither heating nor cooling and every day without them is literally costing you hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars. This could be for near any reason. Maybe your furnace system is completely shot or your mechanical system was destroyed by a natural disaster (though the remainder of your facility is intact). Luckily, there is an industrial-scale solution.


HVAC On Wheels

Your facility needs a heating or cooling source, but the location actually is pretty irrelevant. New York City pipes in hot steam from far off generator plants, essentially providing a heating service to the entire city from a few efficient locations. The heating or cooling set up doesn’t actually need to be in your building, just close enough that we can connect to it with insulated pipes and not lose too much in the transfer distance or have excessive costs for the connection materials.

This can be a significant life saver in the right situations. There are service providers which will rent out a near complete HVAC set up built into a few large trailers. They’re designed essentially as portable, packaged systems. Everything is tightly integrated to work with the available space and resources. These systems can be hooked into a building with standard pipes and fittings in a matter of days, providing heating or cooling to keep the business running.

The alternative is to wait until a new HVAC system can be designed, shipped, and built. At industrial scales, this equipment isn’t always just ready to go. These systems and parts are often nearly made to order. Every installation is going to be a little different when it comes to a long-term solution. In the short-term, a pre-built source of heat or cooling is going to be plenty to keep operations going, if it’s potentially a little inefficient or hogs up parking space.

The portable solution shaves weeks to months off of an HVAC-outtage.



Actually deploying these portable systems comes down to a few fairly quick steps:

  1. Locate a provider to rent from that fits your needs and budget.
  2. Order the system and get it delivered
    This might actually be harder than some people would like. Depending on your work-site, debris, trees, or other other obstacle will need to be handled before delivery.
  3. Install
    You will probably need a small team of contractors for this. They’ll need to probably put a few holes in your building to run piping through. Your existing system’s connections will need to be hooked to the portable ones. And you’re going to need electricians to wire up the trailer. It’s a bit too big to run on a regular 120 or 240 plug.
  4. Profit


This does mean there will be some big costs later to remove the system and at some point, a few days of downtime to switch over from the trailers to your replacement/newly installed, permanent HVAC System.

BUT the benefit is there. Instead of being shut down for potentially months, not making any product or getting work done, you and your employees can keep working while the permanent solution is worked on.

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