Indoor Air Quality

Heating your facility is important. It’s probably in the top ten most essential things to keep your workers and customers happy. It’s not the only thing. Warm air is useless if people can’t stand to breathe it in. Over time, air will get stale and become unpleasant to breathe. We need to not only heat the air, but clean it.

What Is Stale Air?

The air around you isn’t pure (unless you’re in a hyperbaric chamber, but that’s an entirely different can of worms). More accurately, the air we breathe is more like being in the ocean: it’s full of microscopic things floating around. If you’ve seen sea water, you usually see little things carried around in it. The same is true for air, but most of the things floating us are too small to see.

Typically the air in a busy facility will be carrying:

  • Skin Flakes and Hair
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Mold
  • Trace Chemicals (from cleaners, machinery, etc)
  • Vaporized Sweat
  • Chemicals from Oral Bacteria (Bad Breath)
  • Particulates from Fabric, Food, and Product Offgassing

Air becomes stale largely as a result of all these things becoming to abundant. The human body is incredibly perceptive to these things. We can smell, taste, and even feel that the air is not clean. There’s no way to just hide the problem either. Some scents can be fought off with aerosols, candles, and other products that alter the air. The only problem is that we eventually hit a point of olfactory overload. The air fresheners turn into another chemical in the air and ultimately lower the air quality.

Where Is This A Problem?

Everywhere. Stale air is not only unpleasant, it eventually becomes distracting. Distractions are bad for productivity. Your workers will invariably stop to comment on the air. They’ll notice things just aren’t right. It’s the same as having a workplace that is too hot or too cold. It takes up mental capacity and causes your workers to slow down. The effects are worse for customers.

Customers exposed to stale air will learn to avoid your business. The presence of stale air gives off the impression of a dirty, potentially hazardous environment. With modern HVAC Technology, there’s no reason for any place to have stale air, unless they’re not investing in the facility. Even modern gyms have fresh, clean air in them, despite the environment being all but designed to not be so fresh.

Fixing The Problem

There is no one thing cures all for this. The design of your facility, the equipment installed, equipment you use and local environment all play a role in exactly what’s in the air. We’re going to look into air quality more in-depth in the next few posts and explain what you can do to keep your environment clean and happy for your workers and your customers.

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