Too Late to Upgrade?

Now is about the best time to be upgrading your air conditioning hardware, at least for the Northeast US. If you’re going to install a new air conditioner, you want to do it when the weather is warm and pleasant. If you don’t need the AC, good time to install new hardware. If the weather is nice, good time AND it’ll be easier for your contractors. That really only happens about once a year: spring. Of course, what do you do if you’ve blown through that window? It’s going to be 100 degrees out, the air so humid you can practically drink from it, and neither your customers nor your employees will want to work in a 120+ degree building. You can’t afford to not have AC, can you?

Traveling AC

Luckily for you, even industrial air conditioners are relatively light. Yes, an industrial cooling system STILL weighs in at tens of thousands of pounds, but we can put that on a trailer without too much hassle. It’s portable in the sense that it costs thousands of dollars to ship instead of being a multi-hundred thousand dollar project like fabricating a custom solution on site. It’s something feasible for your business.

In these circumstances, there are specialist providers who have literally designed full HVAC systems to fit into standard semitrailers. Typically these systems are designed to interconnect to scale up capacity and require relatively minimal work to be installed. In some configurations they pump hot/cold air directly into the facility through any available openings. In other configurations, they can be piped directly into the existing ducts and other infrastructure.

This is not a longterm solution, but it will fill in the gap during outages. Consider for example, a complete failure of your facility’s HVAC system. Maybe there was a freak accident, lightning struck your one rooftop, packaged system and the whole thing is basically fried beyond any safe usage. From-scratch, it might take months to plan, source, and install a new packaged system. You locate a provider, sign the deal, and have a temporary solution within days. No one wants to have angry guests or employees for a few days, but it’s not world-ending.

The Budget Option

We don’t technically need air conditioners. There are mitigations available to help with the extreme heat. We’ve covered these ideas before, but they’re worth repeating:

  1. Open windows and doors for natural air flow.
  2. Use fans wherever possible.
  3. Install evaporative coolers.
  4. Distribute cold drinks.
  5. Consider using temporary, ice-based cooling.
  6. Move functions outdoors where possible.

In the event of hazardously hot weather, it is still always best to close for a day and avoid possible health issues for your guests and employees. Always be aware of local, state, and federal health guidelines like OSHA.

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