A Fresh Coat of Paint

We’ve done it again! It seems to be about a pattern right now, running like clock work. Every two years or so, we tear up our site and build it anew. It’s exhausting, but it keeps us on the cutting edge of technology. We’re always looking for the next big thing to make everyone’s lives just a little easier.

A Brief History of Our Site

2010 – Procure Inc. Goes Digital

This brings back some memories. Our first take on a website was definitely a product of it’s time. It was a simple, static web site coded in bare bones HTML 4, running on a tiny shared hosting set up for $8/month. Life was a little simpler back then. Most kids didn’t have smart phones, Netflix was still better known for their DVD service, and most of our orders were faxed in.

(A note from Scott: This may have gone live in 2008. This is just the last archive copy of it.)

2012 – A Real Store

Quite a leap forward from our last update. In 2012 the store moved to an actual store platform. Our lines were online, you could login, place orders, and search our product offerings. It was the first actual store we had. No longer just some simple ad floating on the internet.

2013 – The First Face Lift

This is getting to look a bit more familiar. Running on a dedicated platform made it MUCH easier to visually change the site. We moved to something slightly newer looking. In hindsight, this design was dated even in 2013, but you live and learn. Just a short time later, we made another move into the modern world.

2015 – A Responsive, Modern Site

This was one of our favorite iterations of the site. It really holds up visually speaking, even today. It was simple, clean, and efficient. The style was a great fit for us and something that’s really stood the test of time. Design motifs introduced here have stuck with us. Unfortunately, this was also the site we completely and totally broke. Around the 500,000 products mark, the store platform could not process our store any longer.

2017 – A Complete Change of Platform

If it aint broke, don’t fix it. We retained a great deal of our prior style, but cleaned things up a little. This was a move to an entirely new platform. There were a lot of learning curves along the way. Our system was not completely within our power, we ran on a scalable server architecture, had our own CDN set up, and most importantly: we couldn’t overwhelm the system. If the store bogged down, it just grabbed more servers to help it crunch along. It was incredible.

2019 – The next Big Thing

We’ve made another change of platform, another new design for our site, and we have plans to keep on rolling. It’s exciting to see our most recent work coming to life. We’ve done some work to update our logo, update our colors, and still cling tight to that clean aesthetic from our prior designs.

There are some caveats for our existing customers. We may have gone overboard on the security of our old site. At the moment, we have not imported any existing user accounts. When placing orders, please sign up for a new account on the site. In some respects, we have learned our lesson here. The last time we changed platforms, several users reported issues, even with imported accounts.

We still have all of your order histories and orders placed on the old site are still being processed. If you need to know what you’ve previously ordered, re-order a past item, check on an order, or anything else, please email us at sales@procureinc.us.

Thanks for sticking with us all these years. We have more features that will be rolling out to the new site in the days ahead.

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