What’s the BIG Problem with my AC?

Every season there will be a fair number of people with small problems in their air conditioners. They’ll experience leaks, failed belts, and maybe a few minor electrical issues. These are all little wear and tear things that your contractor can fix for a few hundred dollars. When an air conditioner gets older however, things start getting a little more expensive. There can be some big things starting to fail.   Dead Compressor The compressor is that big, typically black, cylinder or spherical object in your air conditioner. In many ways it is the heart of the system. The compressor will receive refrigerant and through one of many ways, squeeze it down. This compression is what lets us remove heat from the air elsewhere in the system. When the compressor fails or begins to fail, you might experience warm air blowing from the air conditioner instead of cold air, regardless of temperature setting. The system may have difficulties starting up, draw excessive power, burn through fuses, or trip its breaker. When the compressor fails, there’s really only two areas things can go wrong: the motor or the compressor assembly. If the motor starts to go, it’ll perform poorly and draw more power to start and run. Eventually the motor will just get hot and stop cranking the compressor assembly altogether. At that point, it’ll probably blow a fuse and start melting internal components. On the other hand, there’s also a […]

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