What About the Other Compressors?

Just how many ways are there to squeeze down a gas? If you look at the entirety of the industrial world, there’s probably a few hundred different devices. If you look at HVAC, luckily the list is a lot shorter. The air conditioning world relies primarily on five compressor designs.   Reciprocating This compressor works pretty much exactly the same as a car engine does, but without the gasoline and combustion. Inside a car you have your cylinders and pistons. When the piston moves up it compresses, when it goes down it sucks. The same principal is used in a reciprocating compressor. At the base of the compressor there will generally be an electric motor, which turns a shaft. The shaft has a bend in it to allow for offset motion. At the bend there’s a connecting rod, which links the shaft to the piston. When the shaft spins, the piston moves up and down. On the downstroke, fresh refrigerant is pulled in. On the up stroke the refrigerant is compressed and injected into the refrigerant loop. This particular design is popular in residential scale compressors. There are more parts involved, so there’s a greater chance of hardware failure, but the well understood nature of the piston and cylinder as well as massive manufacturing tolerances make them cheap to manufacture. Consider, steam engines were around in the 1800s, and this is the same principle as their driving pistons. The complexity […]

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