Why Isn’t my AC Working!?

It’s spring, mother nature is keeping you in the eighties or nighties already. Your office is unbearable. The intern has somehow duct taped ice bags to his back and ruined his office chair in the pursuit of not melting. It’s time to turn on the AC and nothing happens. Kronk throws the lever and the air blasting in is hotter than the pavement Dave the Intern cooked his lunch on. What happened?   The Little Problems There can be a million things wrong with your AC. Some issues are catastrophic and very expensive to repair as our lead sales guy Scott learned the hard way just a few weeks ago. Other issues are smaller, cheaper, and merely annoying. Did you Turn on the Power? Most central cooling systems have a dedicated circuit breaker to turn them on and shut them off for maintenance and long-term deactivation such as through the winter. Turning off this breaker in the fall ensures your air conditioner physically cannot be engaged in the winter and accidentally damage itself. Depending on your situation, you may not have known this switch exists or your building maintenance team just hasn’t turned it on yet. If you enable your air conditioner in your thermostat, crank down the temperature, and nothing happens, this is the first thing to check. If you know where the breaker for your AC is, check on it. If you don’t, contact your building maintenance team […]

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