Unfreezing a Freezer

How do you run your refrigeration hardware through the winter? How far does our industry go to keep a fridge running in the winter or a hospital chilled in a blizzard? There are a number of technologies at play, all working to manipulate the hardware to do their bidding. These are collectively called Defrost Controls.   Let Nature Take Its Course The simplest defrost system is little more than a few switches and a timer. In many systems, the greatest concern is that the evaporator coil may freeze over. This is especially common with industrial freezers. This is a year-round problem and it can be caused by staff frequently entering and leaving a freezer. The freezer temperature increases and many refrigeration systems end up running for entirely too long. The evaporator coil builds up ice from being chilled too much. In configurations like this, the simple solution is a time delay. The compressor shuts down, but the evaporator fan is run for an extended period, forcing relatively warm air over the coil. Whatever ice was there melts and the system can return to it’s regular cycling after the defrost cycle finishes. This can be set to run on timers or in more advanced systems, as necessary using temperature readings. In some installations, it can even be boiled down to a timer which triggers the cycle once every 24 hours and just turns off the refrigeration system for an hour to […]

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