Maintaining Your Ducts

You’re literally throwing money away. Literally, hundreds of dollars are going up into thin air. How could you lose so much money? Inefficient, leaky, ducts. Every time your HVAC system runs, it’s pushing air through your ducts. Ideally, every bit of air that goes in, will come out a vent in your office, storage room, kitchen, or anywhere else you’re trying to heat or cool. Unfortunately, that probably isn’t the case.   The Leaking Problem Every HVAC system needs maintenance over time. The laws of physics make a pretty clear-cut case that nothing lasts forever. Everything experiences wear, tear, and degradation over time. Your ducts were hopefully sealed at installation, but it’s always possible the contractor skipped that step. In days long gone, saving energy was not the massive issue it is today. Even if the system was sealed, it probably has developed leaks if its more than a few years old. The leaks occur wherever two pieces of duct work are joined together. We use things like Galvanized Steel and Aluminum to make most duct working. These materials are lightweight, durable, and unlike copper, are not so easily soldered or welded into a perfect seal. Of course, they’re cheaper than copper and don’t necessarily need the time and expense of soldering to be sealed. Given that we can’t turn five pieces of ductwork into one air-tight stretch by design, you can see where the problems arise. The ducts have […]

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