Why Use a Hydraulic Actuator?

There are 3 principal ways to power an actuator. There’s electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic actuators. Generally speaking, the most expensive set up is going to be a hydraulic system. A single hydraulic actuator can cost ten times what a pneumatic or electrical one would. This begs the question, why would you buy something with such a premium?   Basics of Hydraulics This all starts with the simple fact that fluids don’t compress. You can put water in a sealed piston and push down on it, but all it will do is distribute that force to the walls of the piston. Maybe it’ll squeeze in by 1/1,000,000,000th of its volume, but in large part, one liter of fluid is going to always take up that volume. This is amazingly useful. It means we can use fluids as an almost universal connection. Think about it, to connect a powerful motor to anything, you need linkages, gears, chains, and bulky hardware. It’s noisy and takes up a ton of space. If you want to connect multiple devices to that motor, they all need to either run at the same time and speed or require complex gearboxes to connect or disconnect them. This would take up a ton of space and make our modern lives suck in innumerable ways. With a hydraulic system however, we can get around all this bulk. There can be one or two large motors, powered by anything that fits […]

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