Winter is Coming – Prepare Yourself

Today we start to change gears and prepare for the change of seasons. Summer is coming to a close. We’re already seeing temperatures drop around Philly, with our highs falling from the 90s into the 80s. It’ll be a cooler, more comfortable week this week, with temperatures well on their way to the chilly fall norms. Now is about the time to make sure your heating system is ready for a long, busy season.   Why Check the Heater? For most people in the northern most parts of the US and elsewhere in the world, our heating systems have been dormant all summer long. You could have old, gross filters still in the system or discover a mouse has eaten the thermostat wires. There’s also that always looming spectre of hardware failure, when an old part has finally gotten old enough to just give out. It’s warm now and your AC is still running, so you don’t need your heating system yet. Your contractor can have the system apart for a good few weeks, you can use cheaper, slower shipping, and suffer no ill effects for it. This is also a good time for simple, routine maintenance. You can take this opportunity to swap out your air filters, have your chimney cleaned, clean out the furnace, and so on. Different system designs accumulate differenent maintenance needs. Oil burners often need a good cleaning to remove soot, for example.   What […]

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