Why The Thermostat’s Wrong

Thermostats are a great technology in principal. They automate a simple issue: if cold, turn on the heater. Before thermostats, someone would have to either stoke a fire or open a valve for hot water to flow. By comparison, any automation should seam brilliant, but there is a slight flaw.   Single Point of Reference In most homes and even small businesses, there’s a single thermostat, and it measures the temperature in a single place. Even in a smaller home, this can lead to drastically different temperatures across the building. Typically a thermostat’s in the center of the building to get the best ‘average’ temperature. This average however, is almost never correct. In the case of my own home, we can actually measure the temperature difference between rooms. My room is the second on the heating loop, and consequently has some of the hottest water delivered to it, the most available energy. By the time this water has reached the kitchen and living room at the end of the loop, the water’s significantly cooled, resulting in a potentially 10 degree temperature difference. These differences can be exacerbated by design flaws. The bedrooms in this house, for example, have base boards that are about half the circumference of the rooms. This allows for a ton of heat to be left in these rooms. The living areas of this house however, have a much, much lower ratio. Those baseboards are only able […]

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