A Rubberband Cooling System

Have you ever come across something so weird, that you had to try it on the spot, then stalled the entire company with “Hey Bob! You gotta try this!?” Then, that phrase spreads like a plague, until everyone’s doing nothing but that weird thing. Well. We did. While researching some topics to share with you, dear readers, I discovered that Rubber Bands are a refrigerant. Kind of. When you stretch one, it heats up, then cools down. When you let it return to it’s original length, it gets cold. The temperature variance is perhaps 10-20 degrees from max cool to max heat. It’s something significant. Significant enough to even build a fridge of sorts. That’s right. The next time your stranded in the late 1800s, you can make a rubber-powered air conditioner for your little cabin on the prairie. For the proof, check out this youtube video we’ve just watched three or four times. At first we were looking for the hidden ice or a fan, but… after extensive testing of rubber bands, we’re sure it’s real.   Weird, right? The Wrap Up So, as always, what do you want us to cover? Let us know in the comments below.

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