Philadelphia is going wild this week. Our team is on to the Super Bowl! For those outside of Philly and the rest of the U.S., our little city goes a little wild when our teams win. Our city literally greases up the various lighting and traffic light poles because our wilder fanatics will actually climb the poles. Therefore, in support of our team, we’re going to derail from our usual talk of heating, plumbing, and AC to talk about our home team and our odds at the Super Bowl. Let’s start with the basics for the less-obsessed in our reading audience.   Football Basics Basic premise of football is 2 teams on a 100 yard field, trying to score by getting the ball to either end of the field. Of course, that’s easier said than done. This is a contact sport in which very, very large, strong athletes will tackle each other, trying to defend or take down whoever happens to have the ball. A combination of running and passing is used to get through the opposing team and score. From there, the rules get more complicated with things like Field Goals, where a team will kick the ball through the goal posts rather than running it to the goal line for a touch down; or a safety, triggered when there’s a tackle in the end zone. The rules pile on until football is a game of chess, executed by enormous […]

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