Variable Speed Compressors

Multi-speed compressors are a step in the right direction, but what about outright variable speed ones? Think about it, a two or three speed compressor has to pick the best speed for a given environment and it can only run at those two speeds. When it’s incredibly hot, full speed ahead. When it’s cooler, low speed. In between however, it becomes a game of the lesser evils.   Fixed-Speed Flaws This fixed-speed issue can be a bigger problem in the right scenarios. There’s only really a handful of conditions where the compressor can hit peak efficiency. You can crawl around the parking lot or go at highway blazing speeds, but you have no support for those middle roads between town. The same is true of the two speed compressor. The system can be forced to oscillate between stages or even be trapped in a single stage if the conditions are right. When it’s hot out, you’ll never get to use that second, lower speed. When it’s in between, the low speed might not be able to keep up and it’ll have to cycle between speeds, never really saving anything or improving comfort. It’ll almost always be this battle of the lesser evils: power hungry high speed and be too cool or have to work on wider margins of error, or fighting a losing battle with the low speed constantly running and only delaying the inevitable need for the high speed […]

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